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Our Behaviour Consultation Services

Parent coaching and 1:1 behaviour support/mentors delivered in-person (in-home) and online to support the development of your child and a balanced life.


Parent Coaching, Behaviour Consultation and Support:

One-on-one sessions with a behaviour consultant to coach and support you through any challenges you're facing in progressing your child's development. This is also a time where the consultant can coach you through the implementation of strategies for your child at home and is able to connect with and support school teams.

Are You Struggling With:​

  • Balancing Your Time and Energy

  • Emotional Outbursts (from your child, or from you!)

  • Implementing strategies with your child.

  • Keeping Consistent with Programs

  • Knowing How to Assess Your Child's Support Needs

  • Navigating Resources and Funding

  • School support for your child

At the start of working with any new parent, we will do an assessment of the children's and families' needs and strengths and develop a customized plan.

YES! we are RASP approved for all services.

Assessment Package $350.00

Virtual Parent Coaching Sessions: $90.00/hr


1:1 Mentoring (Behaviour Intervention)

One of the best things to support your child's development is consistent interaction with someone trained to address specific challenges. Through one-on-one sessions with your child, the mentors (behaviour interventionists) and behaviour consultant work closely together to implement a customized plan for your child.


The mentors who work 1:1 with your child and the Consultant regularly communicate with you and each other about your child's sessions to ensure we're all working toward the same goals.  The sessions are implemented by one of our dedicated and experienced Mentors (behaviour interventionists) directly with your child.

1:1 Mentor programs (behaviour interventions) are always started with an initial assessment of the child and families' needs (see above).

Virtual/ In-Person Child Behaviour Session: $35.00/hr


Parent Support Network

NBCS has launched an online support network for mothers- where we will meet in small groups (5-8  parents per group) through ZOOM and/or WhatsApp- each meeting/ group chat will be facilitated by our meeting coach.

What do these meetings look like? A safe and confidential space to:

  • Share personal experiences

  • Share parenting tools

  • Connect with other moms

  • Learn and practice self-care tools that can be used throughout the month.

All of which is facilitated and guided by an experienced meeting coach.

Parent Support Network Membership: Free for families engaged with another NBCS service.

Our Covid19 Response to sessions-> we have online options;
What Do Our Online Services Look like?

All of our services can be conveniently delivered in a secure online platform - ZOOM Sessions and in-home/ in-person sessions.

All of our services can now be offered on a convenient online platform called ZOOM. Using this online platform allows us to support families outside of our ability to visit in person, it allows families to access services from the comforts of their home and on their terms. We are able to deliver one on one coaching sessions with parents, one on one sessions with children and their mentors (behaviour interventionists) as well as support network meetings with parents and caregivers of children with special needs.

Not tech-savvy? Not to worry we will walk you through the process, step by step- It's much more simple than you might think!

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